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High School STP Boys Camp

High School STP Camp with On Ice Training/ Off Ice Conditioning and Game Scrimmages: 34 - 42 Hours of Instruction

Scrimmages will be held against other teams pending schedule coordination. 

Camp Goal

This camp is designed for all players who wish to prepare for their upcoming High School, U16, and Junior Gold seasons.  The goal of the camp is to raise every skater's skill to the highest possible level.  Overspeed puck handling and shooting drills will help a player increase their speed.   This camp will also include a number of battle drills  performed in a small area to help a player gain puck possession and score more goals.

Camp Outline

 On Ice Training emphasis will be on the skaters:

  • Technique
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Quickness

Emphasis in these areas will result in a lengthened stride, in creased stride frequency, better range of motion, improved efficiency and overall skating performance.  A player's puck skills will improve with European based passing and shooting drills in an overspeed format. 

Off Ice Training will focus on exercises that develop upper and lower body power. A number of core strength activities will be emphasized to increase a player's power and balance. Stickhandling and shooting will also be emphasized.

Dates & Times

Dates Times
Refer to Coaches Schedule

Fees & Location

 Cost = $415    Goalies = $300

 Champlin Ice Forum